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If you're applying for a job, to school, to volunteer, etc. Type your name and city into a search engine to see what comes up make sure to turn off all personalization settings in your browser first. Beyond that, check all the privacy settings on your social media accounts If you aren't sure how to do this, there are plenty of helpful guides online.

Criminal Record Checks

Make sure your photos and posts are shared only with the people you're comfortable sharing them with. If you have any posts or photos that could be seen as unprofessional, make sure they are kept private or deleted. Running a personal background check on yourself periodically is a great way to ensure that you're staying on top of your records. If you're applying for a rental property, college, or a new job, it's important that you check your criminal record, credit report, and online footprint thoroughly so you can contest any errors.

Questions About Your Background

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself Employers, colleges, and volunteer organizations learn a lot about you when they check your records. Court Records County, State, and Federal If you're unsure whether or not you have a criminal background, try using an online criminal background check to see if there is anything in your records.

Driving Records Laws about what's included on a driving record, and for how long, vary by state. Credit Report Potential employers can look at your credit report not your credit score to determine if you're a financially responsible person, but only if you give them written permission. Education Report Employers or other organizations interested in verifying your education might go through a service like the National Student Clearing House, or they might ask for copies of official diplomas or transcripts. How much do background checks cost?

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State Laws on Use of Arrests and Convictions in Employment

Remote Public Access to N. Court Data Ongoing access to criminal and civil court data in all N. RPA licensees may obtain real-time access or bulk data extracts.

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Find more information, as well as costs and connectivity details, about obtaining Remote Public Access. State Bureau of Investigation SBI Statewide Background Check for Employees If you or your business have specific statutory authority to obtain criminal history background checks for employees, find more information , forms, and process details from the SBI. Emphasize that you are committed to making a positive contribution to society and see this job as a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

When it comes to getting hired, your past might not necessarily impact your future.

Embarking on a job search isn't easy, and it can be especially intimidating if you have a background that is less than favorable. But a criminal record shouldn't stop you from pursuing a good-paying job. Step one is getting your resume into shape. Could you use some help?

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Background Checks - The Difference Between Arrest Records and Convictions

What to know about job hunting when you have a criminal past When it comes to getting hired, your past might not necessarily impact your future. Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor.