How do i report drug offenders

While prevention and treatment are the most powerful weapons against this wicked trade, law enforcement agencies working together with communities are also very effective in keeping drugs out of neighborhoods.

Inform us of a suspected crime

To this end, police departments often rely on information from the public to help them find pockets of criminal activity and locate suspects. Over the last few decades, drug dealing has been enshrouded with violence and intimidation. For this reason, many people feel discouraged when it comes to alerting the authorities about criminal activity involving drugs in their neighborhoods.

They fear that their information could cause harm to their families or to themselves due to reprisal from drug dealers that resort to violence.

New app encourages people to anonymously report crime

Concerned citizens who wish to stay anonymous when they report drug dealing have a few options. Law enforcement agencies often have internal programs in place to safeguard the anonymity of people who come forward with information about drug dealing, but this is not the best method.


Information managed by police departments can be leaked, and this in turn can compromise the anonymity of informants. In the United States, the Crime Stoppers program has proven to be effective in the anonymous collection of crime tips.

Drugs - Crime Stoppers Western Australia

To get in contact with Crime Stoppers, informants must find the local telephone number, which can be searched online. Crime Stoppers operators are specifically trained to protect the identity of callers at all times, and each case is assigned a numerical code to follow up on. Find out more about this reclassification and how it impacts you as well as how to apply for a licence and keep up to date with what's happening in these industries. Skip to main content.

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  4. How to Safely and Anonymously Report Drug Activity?
  5. Working to keep our community safe Find your local police station. Call Triple Zero Police Assistance Line. Learn more. Anonymous report.

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