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Copy down the number for future reference to speak with the department of corrections about the status of the inmate, to inquire about visitation policies, or to send mail to a prisoner. For example, you can be notified if the person is up for parole, is released, or is moved to a different facility.

If you prefer to find an inmate over the phone, you can call the Massachusetts Department of Correction at Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Im looking for an inmate phillip Rogers From lynn Massachuetts Im having trouble finding were he is. We have multiple listings for Phillip Rodgers in Massachusetts.

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Do you have his age and middle name we can index our results by? You can lookup Massachusetts by name or DOC number. You can also check with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections website.

They have a free inmate search that you can use to lookup Massachusetts inmates by name or DOC number. Visit the Massachusetts DOC website 2.

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Use the VINE offender search 3. Enter the full name or the offender ID 4. View a list of Massachusetts inmates. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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A good option would be to contact your local Massachusetts Sheriff or Police Department. Select the Massachusetts county you think he was arrested in and call or visit their website for more information. He is at mass treatment center and his ID is W To find Massachusetts Inmate information, including mugshots, tattoos and identifiable characteristics, you will want to visit the Massachusetts VINELink website. Choose a state to search 3.

Thanks for reaching out about our Massachusetts Inmate Finder, we ran a Massachusetts inmate check for the person in question and could not find where they were located. Another option is to visit the Massachusetts Department of Corrections website and use their free offender search. They might be able to better assist you with locating Timothy Duguay. He was previously incarcerated in Federal prison. His BOP register number was You can also contact the MA Department of Corrections and use their free inmate finder.

A good place to start if your husband has been incarcerated, at a state or Massachusetts county jail or prison , is to contact the MA Department of Corrections. They offer a free MA inmate search where you can lookup your husband by name. We do not have the location of this Massachusetts inmate in our MA incarceration records. That being said, you can also contact the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and use their free MA offender search. You can also contact them with the phone number listed below.

Your best option would be to lookup the Massachusetts inmate using the Mass. They have a free inmate search where you can lookup MA inmates by name or inmate number.

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You might also want to check with the Walpole police or sheriff department if he was arrested within the last few weeks. This information is sometimes delayed when being posted to public record websites. The time has come to reorganize the prison budget, to use these vast taxpayer dollars to actually protect the safety of the public. We must terminate the excess of secretaries, deputies, assistants, aides, clerks, etc. Prisoners who earn that degree in prison do not come back: they do not commit any more crimes.

Did you know UMass offered to come into the prisons and provide college courses for free? The DOC rejected them.

Did you know that Fitchburg State had a free program at ShirleyWorld but the facility failed to support it? The reason for the folly is that there is no money in it for the DOC to have these programs. Prisoners need real job training. Prisoners need transitional housing in lower security prisons. Such prisons cost only a fraction of what it costs to run the higher security prisons as they need less staff. This is why the guard's union fights this at every turn. Please join forces with those who have a plan for real and effective public safety reform. MIM Prisons responds: This comrade does a good job exposing the Massachusetts prison system's lack of interest in rehabilitation and education.

It is true that in Massachusetts, and across the country, prisons are providing good jobs to guards who have formed strong unions to lobby effectively for expansion of the system.

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It is a system whose employees have every interest in expansion and no interest in rehabilitation. The very fact that education has been proven to dramatically reduce recidivism but prisons across the country have cut or eliminated education programs is clear evidence. Further, programs such as MIM Prisons 's led study groups are censored as a threat to the safety and security of the prison.

It's not the criminal injustice system that cares about safety and security, they care about job security and social control.

And prisons conveniently provide both: locking up the oppressed nation lumpen who might organize against imperialism and giving jobs to the labor aristocracy in the prisons. But we disagree with this prisoner that tax payers are going to become outraged and fight this system. Both the social control and the good jobs are benefiting those tax payers.

The labor aristocracy wants to protect it's own jobs: and the prison provides a good number of these. If tax money didn't go to prison jobs it would go to some other labor aristocracy services. And these would not be jobs benefiting the oppressed nation lumpen: that's not something tax payers are going to get behind. On the contrary, prison guard unions successfully campaign for more pay and funding for defending white power, unlike most labor unions.

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With that said, we do think there is value in exposing the lack of safety and security in the current prison system. We may gain some allies in certain battles, people who will see that the streets of Amerika are objectively less safe.