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Don Sundquist, supported the income tax, but efforts to pass it failed. Lawmakers instead passed a one-penny state sales-tax hike. That was largely because of unexpected increases in TennCare. Ben Cunningham, an anti-tax activist influential in conservative political circles, said he "certainly wouldn't call Bredesen a fiscal conservative" on taxes.

  1. Citing hay baling, Bredesen used 1976 law to save more than $300,000 in property taxes.
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After Bredesen's first year, tax revenues hummed along until the recession struck late in But Howe, whose group backs tax reforms including an income tax, said, "Now the roosters are coming home to roost" for Haslam. While running for governor, Haslam promised not to raise sales taxes and opposed a state income tax.

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In a survey conducted by the Tennessee Newspaper Network, a consortium of major state newspapers including the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Haslam said he would work to shut down tax loopholes but "not use this as a backdoor means of raising taxes. He steered clear of an outright no-new-taxes pledge, calling taxes "job killers" and noting he is "committed to getting our state through its current budget challenges by prioritizing, cutting and restructuring state government.

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Ranked 25th in Congress, vacating Republican U. Corker started a construction company out of college, then set up a real estate development firm and also owns part of the Sweetgreen Washington, D. Coming in at No. Learn more about Jim Cooper. At No. Learn more about Steve Cohen.

Republican Rep. Learn more about David Kustoff. Learn more about Jimmy Duncan.

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Ranking , Republican Rep. Black proved in a failed gubernatorial bid. But somehow all of these folks are managing to get by without having to resort to liver cheese for dinner.

Phil Bredesen Announces US Senate Run

More than likely, they know how to work the system. Or, in the case of Bredesen, they just know how to make money. When she worked as the state film and music commissioner in Tennessee in , another government official questioned her travel expenses on a trip to California. But questions about her spending practices have lingered. A staunch supporter of President Trump in a state he carried by 26 percentage points, Ms.

As governor, Phil Bredesen pushed for solar, then helped launch solar company

Blackburn finds herself in a surprisingly competitive race for the seat being vacated by Bob Corker, presenting Democrats with a rare chance to claim a red state Senate seat. One reason is that Ms. With Republicans holding a narrow advantage in the Senate, the race is deemed so critical that Republicans have been shoring up Ms. In that sense, the Tennessee race reflects political and ideological struggles playing out across the country.

Grand Divisions: A Politics Podcast

Bredesen, 74, is a centrist Democrat who touts credentials as a pro-business consensus builder. Bredesen has had his own financial misstep. A longtime booster of the solar industry as governor of Tennessee, he started a solar company with two of his aides during his last year in office, attracting headlines and criticism. After he left office, the business went on to reap some of the tax breaks that the Bredesen administration had put in place.

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The company, Silicon Ranch, develops solar farms. His multimillion dollar stake in the venture was boosted earlier this year when Royal Dutch Shell acquired nearly 44 percent of the company. Both campaigns were asked about their various financial issues, and their responses reflected their divergent approaches. Bredesen, a veteran statewide campaigner known as a policy wonk, prepared stacks of paper detailing his history with Silicon Ranch.

Bredesen said there were no legal or ethical prohibitions in the state for such an investment, though the controversy prompted him to amend a disclosure form in his waning months in office.

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  • Blackburn has not previously run statewide and faced limited opposition over the years in her reliably red congressional district.